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Thornear.:.IceClan.:.Warrior.:.Male by aviiation Thornear.:.IceClan.:.Warrior.:.Male by aviiation

Author's Notes: For the group :iconwarriorssecondchance:




Name:- Thornear

Past Names:- Thornkit, Thornpaw

Nicknames:- Thorny, Rabbit, Ace, Greenhorn

Age:- 24 moons

Clan:- IceClan

Loyalty:- IceClan

Mate:- none

Kittens:- none

:bulletblue: - male
:bulletpink: - female
:bulletred: - crush
:bulletgreen: - protective over
:bulletblack: - dislike
:heart: - mate
:rose: - love
:bulletyellow: - trust/just met
:bulletorange: - friend/best friend
strike: - strong hatred/wish of death
:skull: - deceased
:bulletwhite: - neutral/unsure
Biological Mother: Brightsoul (NPC)
Adopted Mother: Noface (Open for role-players)
Biological Father: Raywhisker (Open for role-players)
Adopted Father: x
Grandmother on Father's Side: Butterflywing (NPC)
Grandfather on Father's Side: Pointedears (NPC)
Grandmother on Mother's Side: Mouseflight (NPC)
Grandfather on Mother's Side: Jayrunner (NPC)
Sisters: Softheart, Lilacgaze (Open for role-players)
Brothers: Nettleheart, Fireflyflight (Open for role-players)
Cousins: Bonegaze, Salmonclaw (Open for role-players)
Aunts: Brittleclaw, Birdfoot (Open for role-players)
Uncles: Sournose, Sundash (Open for role-players)

:bulletblue:- Thornear takes pride in his name and quirks, but can sometimes feel insecure when taunted.
:bulletwhite:- The tom has no desire to have a family just yet, but does want a companion.
:bulletblue:- He feels that life is too short, so it is his goal to live it fully.
:bulletwhite:- He tends to smell a lot of trees and plants and commonly water, due to his stunts.
.:-Notable Quotes and Phrases:.
:bulletblue:- "You don't know what you have until it's taken by others."
:bulletwhite:- "Success is like a butterfly, the more you try to pursue, the farther it will fly. But if you sit patiently and wait, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."
:bulletblue:- "Life won't wait for you, it'll just cut you off, make sure to show it who's boss."
:bulletwhite:- "Ladies are like flowers, soft and sweet-smelling, but some are poisonous."

Thornear is foolish in many ways, after having his loved ones cut off at such a young age, he feels that he too will leave at a young age, so he is determined to live life to the fullest. His motto can be abbreviated as "YOLO" (you only live once). He is loyal and loud, not afraid to speak his mind but can be sensitive at times, though careful not to show it. He is somewhat bi-polar, as one moment he might be happy that you're here, and the next he'll be lashing out claws.
Due to his honest behavior, and absentee parents, he is prone to rudeness, not knowing when the truth can be too much to handle. Because of this, he is afraid to be embarrassed, so he has to cover up quick by blaming the other cat and being sarcastic.
He is passionate about the ones he cares about and most of all, about life. Thornear is much of a daredevil and at first meeting, is often described as dauntless. He does things he most likely shouldn't, like jumping out of high trees and swimming in the rapids. This causes him to be in the medicine cat den a lot, so his right foreleg is weak after being landed on and broken many times.
He is friendly and a joy to be around, but is forgetful. He is great at keeping secrets, unless it is something big that many other cats try to pry out of him, his honesty will take over.
Overall, Thornear is a joyous cat who loves adventures and is kind, honest, and brave. He is also known as being protective. The tom is a nice cat and loves to socialize, he takes great pride in being a warrior and tries his best to not let anyone down.

As a kit, Thornear was always the loudest and most rambunctious. He couldn't stay quiet for long and was commonly known to the other kits as their formal leader. He was the largest of his four-sibling litter, and often won at fights. Each kitten had a special ability, his sisters were the swiftest, and Fireflykit shared Thornkit's talent of strength and leading abilities. While the last sibling, Nettlekit, was the smartest.
The kits abilities weren't the sharpest, considering they were still children, but their fortes were based among their own social circle.
Thornkit grew up without a mother as she died during kitting, she was a dainty she-cat and couldn't handle the large litter. Thankfully, a queen by the name of Noface took them in right after the birth, she had only one kitten who had died earlier of greencough, so she was more than happy to adopt.
The nursery was full, between the litter of five and a couple other small litters of three, so the kittens were sent outside into camp as soon as they were old enough to walk. Thornkit's best friend, Fireflykit, was always accompanying him in his epic adventures and barged in to tell their heroic tales. It was no surprise when the brothers snuck out of camp in search of a great time. They didn't get very far, just three or four fox-lengths, when Fireflykit dared his brother to jump out of a tree. It was an apple tree, not very high, but huge compared to the small size of the kittens. To no surprise, Thornkit broke his right paw after landing harshly on it. Fireflykit sprang back to camp and returned with two warriors and the medicine cat.
With some healing, Thornkit and Fireflykit returned to their usual antics.
The day of the ceremony, Thornkit, Fireflykit, Nettlekit, Softkit, and Lilackit became apprentices. It was a gloomy day and the rivers ran wild. Thornpaw's new mentor was dubbed Sundapple, a stocky tom with a freakishly long tail and pale eyes. Immediately, Thornpaw's father did not approve as the two had a passionate hatred for each other, but the leader wouldn't budge.
Sundapple trained Thornpaw to be ruthless and ill-witted. He encouraged his natural oddity of hurting himself in dangerous stunts and the apprentice ended up in the medicine cat's den more than he wanted to. Fireflypaw's mentor discouraged his harmful behavior but he was too persistent to listen.
Again, the brothers ended up together in the den of the healer, so their warriorship was delayed as their siblings moved on.
Soon enough, Sundapple was exiled for murder; murder of Thornpaw's father. He could never have seen it coming, one day his father was smiling at him and the next he was just...gone. He was an orphan now, and now he knew how soon life could end. When time did clasp is jaws around his throat, he'd have no regrets. He'd have a fulfilled life stuffed with adventure, no matter the cost.
On the day of his becoming of a warrior, Fireflypaw joined him. Their siblings having moved on, they decided it was high time the two followed in their pawsteps, so they kicked up their efforts and put away the silly antics to achieve their goal.
Fireflypaw was dubbed Fireflyflight for his speed in hunting and tendency to jump out of trees. Thornpaw was named Thornear, for his sharp ears he had gotten from his grandfather, thanks to genetics.
The two celebrated by doing the craziest thing a cat could think off- swimming in the rapids.
Fireflyflight jumped in first, Thornear speeding after him to pull him out. They laughed and joked and did it many times, until it was Thornear's turn. His heavy weight dragged him under water and he momentarily panicked as he was swept downstream, but as if on cue, his brother pulled him out.
Returning to camp with jaws stock-full of prey, they weren't questioned, but launched into a story for their siblings.
Thornear still enjoys wild adventures with his brother, and no longer mourns his father, believing that depression kills too soon and isn't fun.
He has yet to find a mate but has no desire to immediately settle-down.
Sexuality: straight - heterosexual
Preference Physically: Slim she-cats, smaller than him, short ears, and green/amber eyes.
Preference Personally: Quirky and fun-loving, someone who'll accompany him in his adventures and someone who appreciates him and will stay loyal.
Hot List:
:bulletred: - slept with   :bulletwhite: - kissed   :bulletblue: - regret
Activity: Virgin, nor does he intend to change that at any given time, believing mating is for the sole creation of kittens.

.:-Role-Play Example-:.
Example One From The-Blue-Tides -
Ashpaw couldn't muster a word, she just stared. Slowly, she closed her mouth, and eventually, after a long while, sheathed her claws.
The apprentice wasn't sure if the cat standing in front of her was real, he couldn't be, that cat was lost to her long ago.
Slowly she crept towards him, her face void of emotions, unsure of how to act.
They were less than a whisker-length away now, but she could feel his breath, warm against her face. Her skin prickled as she knew him, she knew him.
Without another moments hesitation, she whispered, "Where were you, furball." And with that, she collapsed into tears, her face buried inside his neck.
Example Two From Their-Dark-Eden -
Ronin stumbled along, tripping over his own paws and belching every now and then. He had just gotten back from the bar and had maybe had a bit too much.
The corners of his vision danced with stars and it had gotten to the point where he thought he was in the nighttime sky. He hummed a tune somewhere between "Sweethome Alabama" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".
"Ohhh, you shine so, brinhj..." he laughed as he stumbled suddenly to the right and into some trash cans in somebody's yard.
Example Three From :The-Blue-Tides: -
"W-well... I know we only really ever talked once, but I felt that I should tell you something in case you..." She stopped and looked down. The Scale Plague was fatal in some cases, the Clans knew that much. Rockytail had caught the illness, Ashpaw didn't want this to go unsaid to her. She glanced at the black kitten next to her. The apprentice's eyes flashed with concern. The plague had gotten her niece too! Why hadn't her brother told her?
She walked over to the little black body, laying down next to her and turning to face Rockytail as she wrapped her tail around the she-kit. "I'm leaving."

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